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Moran War Update

Hey everybody. How's it goin'? Well, I did a wee bit o' updating on both the Pelagian and Eren Arnen sites. So, go there for the news. Yes, so, basically, all the news is on the main pages, but some more information can be found on the Northern Corner page, and a wee smidgen on the War Map page (I put in parentheses the things that are no longer relevant. For ex., the parentheses around the questions means that they have been answered, and the parentheses around the countermands means that those were not enacted. Communication problems, you know.). Right. Oh, and Happy Hwandir Day! For today is the 27th of July in Pelagian reckoning. Sorry, but I'll have to bring Walic on Friday instead of today. Communication problems, you see.
- Jeff, Duke of the North and what have you
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