Rachel (king_rachel) wrote in pelagia_island,

The King Returns

It has come to our attention that news of the current war has not reached the ears of our people in quite some time. It is our hope that they do not think the lesser of us, being so occupied in greater matters, the fate of which will weigh heavily upon our people should we fail. Yet, it be our will that all know of the King's return to Eren Arnen, whereto he is expected to arrive tomorrow, being 18 Evrendar 1004 BA 5 EDE from battle in Port Walic. We do know no other news, nor do we know the reason for the King's unexpected and unannounced return to Eren Arnen. More intelligence shall follow as soon as possible.

Eved an' arnud y e' elane.

Reyar, Third Council to HRM, the King, &c.
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