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I hope this is okay. I don't know why it wouldn't be.

Hey there, everybody. So, I did a wee bit o' stuff to some Pelagian pages. Don't freak out! There's nothing to be alarmed about! All I did was add a summary of the War in each corner and a link to that corner's respective map. That's all. I'll have to ask Rachel, HRM, about what exactly is going on in each of the corners because right now all I have is sort of a rough idea. But that is it, really. Yes, I'll take care of the Eren Arnen guestbook thing. Half a moment while I figure it out! And yes, I'll update the Ballad (the sixth version) and come up with an abridged version for the next council. And maybe Sarah and I will get around to coming up with some music to it.

Rochegath lin aen na ovar ned nauthol tin! Harthad a tu an gwaith min!

-Jeff, Duke of Bennas Forodren
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