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Hello. It's been so terribly long since anyone has posted on here.

Yes, the title is why I am posting here.'s everything going for everyone post-war?

The War is over. You know that, right? We didn't just say, 'Well, damn, looks like they got us this time.' No! We fought on and did stuff and somehow won. I don't remember how we won, but the point is that we did.

I've updated the Pelagian website here and there, but only The Quest for the King (in the Legends and Stories section), the Northern Corner page, and the front page. One of these days, I'll add some more of my recipes to the list. Really, I guess no one else eats on the Island except the North.

That is all. Not that there was much substance. Keep on keepin' on.

-Jeff, Duke of the North
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