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News from the South of the War

I, the Duke of the South, recieved news earlier in the week that the River Cirano has been poisoned near the north boundary of Golegia, just past where it flows under the moutnains bordering Angor. This is fabulous news and let me explain why:

First of all, the Silver Crossing, as you know, was destroyed in efforts to prevent the enemy forces from moving into the East Riverstone. Also, Adrianna's Arch and Trevor's Bridge, the other main passages across the River Cirano, were destroyed recently, with no reports of enemies nearby. The river was poisoned with over 400 tons of an ancient drug NEPENTHE, which not only irritates the skin, but upon entering the brain in the blood stream causes oblivion to being's existence and physical orientation. Ultimately, if these creatures do not detect the NEPENTHE, they will be confused to the point of forgetting how to breahte, and will die in the Riverstone River, only to be washed into the Sur Inlet and out to sea.

Many lives were lost in the uncharted villages of the Freedom Hills and Plains of Pelagia, as well as a total annhiliation of the populace of Arcadia. Life continues in the eastern realm, however. In complience with orders of His Royal Majesty the King, East Riverstone has been evacuated, its perameters guarded by an army of flying worms from the Shore-side Camps of the Salt Lake of Lauren.

In the mean time, the inhabitants of Baulder's Gate have agreed to create an army, if necessary, should the demons manage to invade the eastern half of Golegia.

The danger now lies to the west; the southern border of the Western corner is weak from the change of power in leadership. With the leave of its Duke, the West has been distracted and must now act at godspeed to erect its defenses. If the armies of the enemy move north into the Western realm, there is a chance for invasion of Angor.

I leave you now with this news. Please do your best to protect your lands. Much farmland from the south was destroyed and there is much to be lost if the enemy moves into the Western corner.

I bid you all farewell.
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