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Pelagia Calasod!!

He he he! Fear me, I've figured out how to change stuff!

The Island of Pelagia
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Aren't you glad I've finally figured out how to change stuff? I know, me too!
Okay, so, we are Pelagia. Tell your friends about us. We're slightly (okay, a lot) quirky so maybe don't read the live journal, but go to our website, which is in general much more serious.
We have approximately 7,000 years of history. Not just of our Island but also surrounding lands and countries. More information is added every time I think of something.
If you doubt our validity, I recommend you visit the site, go to "Legends and Stories" and read "Balaregil". It reaccounts a portion of the War that we are currently in. Then you can go to the Eren Arnen page and look at our War Map and troop movements.
Anyways, Pelagia is really awesome. We have a council every quarter to update on the well-being of the Island. It is very difficult to otherwise keep up on Island news, considering that the Island of Pelagia itself is approximately 360,000 square miles of land mass (not including the Island off the Island).
So, check us out (because we're so attractive!) and if you have questions/comments, e-mail HRM, the King directly at lickponies@yahoo.com.